Boobie Cactus: The Ultimate Guide

Boobie Cactus

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Boobie Cactus: Fun and Facts

The Scientific name of the boobie cactus is Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku. It is native to North America, particularly found in Mexico. 

The common names of this plant are breast Cactus, Titty cactus, and Blue Myrtle Cactus.

It is a succulent plant. So, a plant body has much water inside it. This plant grows mostly in deserts and hence needs a very low amount of water for growth.

The height of the boobie cactus can be up to 15 feet. This is not a flowering plant, but very tiny white flowers bloom in the spring season. 

This plant is safe for pets as well. Unlike other cacti, it has very less amount of spines. They can hurt if someone holds the plant tightly.

This type of cactus is best for those who are looking for a unique type of plant from the cactus family or want a plant that requires less care and grows fast.

Boobie Cactus Propagation

Propagating of boobie cactus is very easy, and let’s see how you can do it like a pro.

If you purchase the stem, you’ll definitely purchase the cactus soil as well. Just Plant the cactus in a clay pot up to half an inch. Keep it in bright sunlight and give it very little water.

You already have a plant. Cut the stem with a length of 5 to 7 inches with a sharp knife. Put it on dry, clean paper and apply fungicide on the cut side. It will help the plant to dry fast. Leave it to dry for 10 to 15 days. 

Now, Plant it into a clay pot and do not give water until it is needed. Provide normal sunlight in the early stages.

You can also provide fertilizer to improve the growth. But provide it once in a month or two. Slow-release high-potassium and low-nitrogen liquid fertilizers are good for it.

You don’t need to air dry the cactus if you are repotting. Just plant the cactus in a new pot, give it very little water, and leave it in bright light.

Boobie Cactus Care

Boobie Cactus Care

Whether your boobie cactus is in the early stages of growth or it is a healthy plant and increasing the beauty of your room, You need to follow things to keep in attention for optimal growth.


It is the most important element for the cactus plant growth. It provides water to plants and nutrients as well. But if the solid is not draining and holding the water, it can be a cause of boobie cactus death.

So, the best and easiest way is to buy the cactus soil from the nursery or buy it online.

But if you prepare the soil for the cactus, select loamy soil. Add perlite, peat moss, coconut coir, charcoal, and fungicide. Make sure the pH does not increase from 7.0. 

You can check pH by buying a pH soil checker online.

Pro Tip: I was trying to grow lemon gross, and its growth was very slow. I made soil for it, including nutritional water. And it worked. You can also try it for any plant.

Take two thin plastic pots and make small holes in one pot. Put this pot on the other one. 

Take some soil and mix it with kitchen waste. Iwith t could be eggshell (very small amount), peels of vegetables and fruits. Add plant leaves as well. 

Mix thoroughly, put it into the upper pot, and cover it. Check after fifteen days to lower the pot if water is found in it. This is powerful nutritional water. Add it with some fresh water and give it to your plants. If there is no or less water, leave the mixture for more days.


Select a clay pot rather than a plastic pot. The clay pot is good as water can pass through its walls. Be conscious about pot size as cactus grows fast and roots spread. As a result, you may need to change the pot. Otherwise, the plant growth becomes slow down. 


Two things can make boobie cactus dead. One is the soil that does not allow drainage of water, and the other is excess water. 

Give water every week and once every two weeks. Make sure when giving water, the season should be hot, summer or spring, and during winter, avoid watering.

You can check the moisture of the soil with a moisture meter before watering. 


Light is crucial for the optimum growth of plants. But different plants need different amounts of light. Boob Cactus needs bright sunlight but indirect. Direct sunlight is also good for it. 

Avoid keeping it in direct light for more than 5 hours. If light is not enough, the growth rate is affected. If the room has a south-facing window, keep it there.


Although breast Cactus does not need fertilizers, if you want to provide it, select slow-release high-potassium and low-nitrogen liquid. Once a year is good enough, but you can also give the plant once a month. But not in winter.

Humidity and Temperature

40% to 60% humidity is best for titty cactus. It can bear harsh conditions, but optimum humidity can increase its growth rate. 

If you live in a dry climate, you can try humidity and a humidifier for your cactus. Keep all plants close together, and you can mist as well.

The ideal temperature for the fukurokuryuzinboku is 15°C-27°C. It can survive the temperature below zero degrees. But humidity and temperature are the things you do not need to worry about.

Boobie Cactus Uses

The main use of boobie cactus is as decoration in rooms. Doctors may use it for treating diseases but no such claim is found.

This type of cactus is not edible. However, it is a source of food for desert animals. 

It can be used as a conversational starter. Its structure and name can engage friends and guests.

You can share the joy by gifting boobie cactus to friends or family.

Boobie Cactus buying trick

If you want to buy online, Amazon and Etsy are good places to buy. Compare the prices, check the reviews, and filter by most sold. Also, check the rating and number of reviews before buying. 

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