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Hi, Thank You for taking an interest in writing for our general niche Website. We especially encourage professional writers to submit guest posts. Fortunately, we have all guest posts, especially health, business, technology, home improvement and sports. If you are thinking about the quality of backlinks, please read the brief guide below. 

Backlink Packages 

We care about writers, especially those who can’t afford expansive backlinks or those who started their blogging site and are looking for quality backlinks at cheap prices.

Free Opportunity

Eligibility criteria

  • We will provide keywords according to your niche
  • Use our provided semantically words.
  • The article must be more than 1500 words
  • Only one article in a week
  • Include at least 3 images
  • Add at least one infographic
  • 100% human written
  • With 4 paid guest blogs, one will be a free submission. The above four conditions do not apply to that free guest post, but the below are essential for all.


  • You save $50 for getting such backlinks from other sites.
  • One dofollow backlink

Paid Service

You must buy dofollow backlinks for your site or client site if you can’t fulfil the mentioned conditions.

Eligibility criteria

Please read the guidelines below.


  • Two dofollow backlinks
  • You can ask to provide keywords.
  • Unlimited submissions
  • TAT four hours.
  • Social Media Sharing

Good Quality Content Guidelines

Word Count: 

The article must be more than 800 words.

Quality Content: 

Include research, stats, case studies, short bio. Make a good structure using H1 to H5 headings.

AI Content Limit:

Ensure your text does not contain more than 20% Al-generated text.

Keyword Research:

Do proper keyword research. Use low KD keywords. Long tail keywords are preferred. A search volume maximum of 1000 is good.

SEO Optimization: 

Your guest post should be SEO-optimized. Attention to on-page SEO elements, including meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and keyword placement.

Style Guide

Please consider following the guidelines

  • Add bullet points where possible.
  • Check  Web Design like coloring, font, font size, etc.
  • Add licence-free or stock  images 
  • The image size should be 1200,680 pixels

backlink management

You can insert links anywhere in the article, but at the top is a good SEO practice.

Your article will be indexed within 24 hours, but it is not guaranteed. The link must be a contextual backlink. 

Submission Process

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. We will provide you with a live link when your article is published. 

Submit Guest Blog

Write the blog according to the guidelines mentioned above. Proofread and ensure it is plagiarism-free. Send your article. We will check and publish it if it is on our guidelines.

Please Note 

We only accept common niches. So we reject Adult, Porn, Casino, Gambling, Liquor, and CBD.

We reserve the right to reject any article or image. And we have the right to change images or edit the content. We do not accept Sponsored  Posts.


Follow our blog post writing checklist while writing.

Sharing your guest Post on social media can help in SEO practices.

We look forward to your valuable contributions. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for considering guest posting with Aquariusmediaa.com. We’re excited to collaborate with you and share your expertise with our

What is a High-Quality Backlink?

You’ve probably heard or read the terminology High-Quality Backlink multiple times, right? But what exactly is it? Going straight forward, if a backlink has the following qualities, it is a high-quality backlink;


The link you are getting from a site like ours must be relevant. If your niche is automotive, get the link from an automotive niche site or a minimum general niche site like ours. If the audience follows your backlink, readers will find the same relevant topics on the pointing website.


Website must have Domain Authority 20+. Domain rating 20+, Spam Score maximum 10%, And Trust Flow 20+. How high will these metrics, except SS (Spam Score), be good for your site, but prices also increase?


Don’t get the backlinks from the same site. It will be a wrong signal for Google and results you can imagine. Google tends to use natural link-building. You wrote high-quality content and included research; other sites mention that research with your site link.

Natural Placement

The link should be placed naturally in articles that give no lousy signal to crawlers or readers.

Rich Anchor Text

The text where the link is being embedded is anchor text. That text should make some sense. Crawlers and readers can get an idea of what that link should be. Only use exact anchor text at some sites because this activity points to spam, and Google thinks all website honors use identical anchor text. It is not a coincidence. 

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