Is Self-Improvement a Lie? Know The Truth in 2024

is self improvement a lie.

Is Self-Improvement a Lie? This question popped up in my mind a few months ago. I searched for the answer on the internet but could not find a satisfying answer. The reason for popping up of this question was simple. I was reading self-help books and not seeing positive change. So I am writing the answer with many pieces of evidence that self-improvement is not a lie. But the fact is that The ways that someone is using to improve himself may not be correct, and I’ll also discuss it later. 

Pieces of Evidence on Self-Improvement is not a Lie

It’s human nature that when people see evidence, they quickly accept the things. Moreover, pieces of evidence make the saying strong. That’s why I’ll mention six key points to prove my answer. 

Research and Psychology

The behavioral scientist K. Anders Ericsson did research. He tried to know the factors that are responsible for anyone’s extraordinary success. He found that one reason was a mindset of continuously improving abilities. He found that highly successful people believe that their skills are like muscles. As you can improve them with exercise, skills can be improved.

Success Stories

Many success stories are great sources to know the facts. Jeff Bezos’s story is a good example. He built Amazon in 1994 as a bookstore. He faced many financial difficulties but what is Amazon nowadays? Amazon, A great e-commerce behemoth. 

Historical Examples

Suppose self-improvement is a lie then no invention could be possible. when  Thomas Edison (1847-1931) invented the bulb, he failed and if he did not improve his method 10,000 times, he could not invent the bulb.

Positive Impact on Well-Being

 When you take any action to improve yourself. This action impacts you. Regardless of whether this impact is significant or minor. You can feel it. So if you continuously take that action and add more action, you are improving yourself


Fifty-four percent of American men and 66% of women believe that improving oneself is the key to improving the world. As a result, many people are on this side self-improvement is truth. 

Published Resources

There are so many books published on self-help. People changed their lives through them. In my case, although I read some great books I realized that there is something wrong. That thing was I was not selecting the right books sometimes. Every book is not worth reading. If you want me to share my experience about finding good books request it here.

Right Ways For Best Improvement

is self improvement a lie

This is the age of smart work. Sometimes we are doing hard and getting almost no results. One reason is we are not doing the job according to proven ways. The same thing may happen when improving himself. So start self-improving from here;

Passionate Thought

When you are going to start anything your “why” should be clear. Sometimes you feel demotivated so how do you perform that task? A thought that is in your mind will help you at times. For example, you want to start a reading habit. You should have a strong reason to read like you are reading to improve your relationship. This reason/thought should be strong and it will be strong when it clicks your mind or in your subconscious mind. 


Set clear goals before taking the start. Goals motivate you and help you achieve more. You can monitor progress through it. Also, divide big goals into small milestones. Goals are like destinations where to wanna go.

Habit Formation

Habits have a main role in self-improvement. The main rule about habit formation is “cue, craving, response, and reward”. I learned it from the book Atomic Habit. I am not promoting it but it is a life-changing book.

Time Table

Make a timetable for your whole day in advance. The best time for making a timetable is before sleeping. Although recommended in the morning we sleep late at night so morning is not suitable. When you have a timetable you save time and saving time is a big improvement in life.


This thing will happen with you as happens with me and everyone. You will start a thing but after a few days, you’ll miss it. But again start it until you feel happiness in it and you do it even when you want to skip it.

Healthy Lifestyle

The most important asset of any human is his health. Take care of your health. Take a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. A healthy mind is in a healthy body. It will help you achieve your goals.


You have the problem of too many thoughts like I or my friends have. The solution is very simple: Meditate.  Just still down with calm close your eyes and leave any pressure on your hands, shoulders, or any part of your body. When inhale say without noise in and when exhale say out. When any thought comes pull your attention back gently to breathing. Don’t be frustrated It’s natural. Some apps may help you. I use Medito. it’s free and  I am not promoting anything.


You need to forgive yourself every time you make a mistake like you skipped a habit for a day. Practicing forgiveness will increase your self-esteem. 


Gratitude is a key to success. Add it to your daily routine to get remarkable results in any field of your life.


Let’s summarize what we have covered. Self-improvement is not a lie. Success stories, research, and surveys are some pieces of evidence. We feel some times self-improvement is a lie because we are not getting any positive results while positive results take time. The right way of achieving success is what successful people are on it. Your “why” should be clear, Set goals, Make a timetable, and Be consistence. Take care of your health (read my blog about health here), forgive yourself, and don’t forget to meditate and express gratitude.

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