Monkey Tail Cactus: [Care], Fun Facts, 4 More things to know

Monkey Tail Cactus

If you want to know fun facts about Monkey Tail Cactus, a care guide, or the correct way for propagation, You are at the right place.

In addition, I’m going to show you an easy buying procedure as well.

Let’s look at what you’ll love to read:

  • Monkey tail plant structure, suitable climate, pet’s safety, growth rate, and more
  • Type of this plant: golden, white,  and rat tail cactus.
  • Its propagation guide including the best fertilizers for growth.
  • Care of Hildewintera Colademononis, yellowish color sign.
  • Buy Guide, where to buy, and what to look for.

Let’s deep dive in:

Monkey tail plant (fun facts)

Monkey tail plant fun facts

The scientific name of the monkey tail plant is Hildewintera Colademononis.  

The colors of the flower are red or orange.  They bloom in late spring to early summer. The plant can bloom as grows. 

Hildewintera Colademononis seeds have a protective outer layer that houses the genetic material. These seeds are often small.

It grows in warm and arid climates. It is a desert native cactus. 21°C to 38°C is the optimum temperature for it. Frost is not good for it but it can bear cooler temperatures. Low humidity is suitable for it.

Hildewintera Colademononis is safe to touch if not touched too tightly. It has hair-like spines that can cause discomfort or irritation.

It is an indoor plant and it can bear harsh environmental conditions and is easy to cultivate. People like to grow it for its beautiful structure. It is one of the houseplant enthusiasts.

Different pets behave differently with plants but it is safe for pets overall.

Hildewintera Colademononis is a soft plant. It is covered in a white, hair-like structure. This structure gives it a soft and fuzzy appearance.

The growth rate of monkey tail plant is considered slow to moderate. Environmental conditions, care practices, and life stages influence its growth rate.  

The golden rat-tail cactus and monkey-tail cactus are two different names of the same plant.

The rat-tail cactus (aporocactus flagelliformis) has short, golden, prickly spines, and Dog Tail Cactus (strophocactus testudo) is medium green and has ridges of white spines. It can grow up to 10 feet. These two plants and the former are not the same.

Types of monkey tail cactus

Types of monkey tail cactus

No authentic data is found about the types of monkey tail cactus. The name shows a cactus plant like the tail of a monkey. So how do we categorize it into many types? However, We can easily categorize it according to flower colors or spine types.

So, I’m categorizing it into two main categories that are most famous and exist in the real world.

Golden monkey tail cactus is named because of its goldish look. That look comes from its gold hair-like spines. It is very beautiful and people prefer to buy it rather than white.

White monkey tail cactus has white very thin spines that are safe to touch. It has its own distinctive look. It all depends on your choice of what color you like.

Monkey tail cactus propagation

Monkey tail cactus propagation

With this proven guide, you can easily propagate monkey tail cactus at home.

You’ll only need the following things to decorate the house with this beautiful plant:

  1. 5 to 10-inch long piece of cactus. (You can select short or long according to your choice).
  2. A clay pot (it is better for this plant as the plastic pot can affect growth).
  3. Specially formulated cactus soil mixture. 
  4. A knife
  5. Fungicide (it helps dry the cutting edges of cactus).
  6. Chorcol pieces (it is optional).
  7. Thick sand ( it is a good combination in draining organic soil mixture).

Buy or cut the piece of monkey tail cactus according to told size sharply. Apply fungicide at the cut size of this piece and put it on clean paper. Leave it to dry for fifteen days.

Mix thick sand, organic soil, charcoal, and a small amount of fungicide thoroughly and put it into the clay pot.

Cover half an inch of the dried cactus piece with the side having spines. Do not give the water instantly and avoid it from rain.

Repotting the monkey tail cactus is very easy and the process is the same, prepare the clay pot with the same procedure and transfer the plant to it. 

You just need to give it some water and bright sunlight.

Summer is the best growing season for propagating the monkey tail plant.

You may feed a slow-release high-potassium and low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer in the early growing stage. This dose is enough for the whole year. However, you can feed after every one or two months.

Care of Monkey Tail Cactus

Care of Monkey Tail Cactus

In my personal experience, a cactus is a plant that doesn’t need much care and even I saw it growing at places where nothing was in its favor. I mean dry soil, dim light, etc.

Actually, this plant belongs to a plant family named Succulent plant. These plants have much water inside the body and do not need proper water.

However, caring is good, especially in the early growing season, and follow these things for caring Monkey Tail Cactus:

Soil: The plant does not need a lot of soil. A neutral or acidic potting mix solid is the best that you can buy from a nursery. Solid should be drained.

Pot: A clay pot is good as it allows water to dry. The pot should be large enough according to plant size as its roots grow very quickly. Small size pot will be overloaded with roots, making plant dead.

Water: Only give water to the Hildewintera Colademononis when the soil is totally dry. Let water run through the soil, helping to dry the ground out. Then water again. This is the soak-and-dry method.

Water it every six to eight weeks in the winter seasons. 

Lighting: Strong light is tolerable for cactus plant. Even the speed of growth of buds depends on a strong light.

Cactus getting yellow: The main reason for getting cactus plant yellow could be excess of water. Improper water causes the development of a brown base and yellow stems.

If your monkey tail cactus is changing color, drying, or is shaky or losing light, it means it is going to die.

Monkey tail plant for sale

Monkey tail plant for sale

You can buy monkey tail cactus from a nursery, Etsy, or Amazon. Before buying online, must check product rating, and number of reviews, read reviews, and buy the product that is most sold.

This short checklist can help you buy a healthy golden rat-tail cactus.

I hope you enjoyed reading this complete guide.

If I missed something, you can let me know in the comment section.

By the way, when are you going to decorate your room with monkey tail cactus?

What type do you select: Golden monkey tail cactus or White monkey tail cactus?

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