How Wide is A Badminton Net? (BWF Guide)

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How Wide is A Badminton Net Complete Guide

In games especially Badminton, if things are not perfect, they may cause serious problems. One of them is conflict. The solution is straightforward. Just follow the rules of the organization that everyone trusts. And that is not the Olympics or Wikipedia, that is the Badminton World Federation. So I have shared information from this source. I also mentioned other useful information regarding the width of the badminton net. Let’s know the answer to your question and then cover other related topics.

Width of Badminton Net

In the official PDF by the Badminton World Federation, it is mentioned under the “Laws of Badminton’ That the width of the Badminton Net should be 20 Feet. The net should be black with white tape on the upper and lower edges. Black and white contrast will make the net easily visible. The net should be attached with posts properly without leaving space.

Setting Up A Badminton Net

To set up the net follow these steps:

  • Select a location with more than 20 feet of width
  • Mark one end with chalk
  • Measure using tape 20 feet and mark the other end
  • Insert the first post directly into the ground 
  • Attach mesh to it
  • The loose end will guide you to insert a second post where to go
  • Now insert the second post 

Adjusting The Net Width

Still, now, you make the net stand vertically and it’s time to adjust height and width.

  • Now again check with measuring tape the width from the ground side and top side of the posts.
  • Check from the ground to the top the height of the net that is 5 feet 1 inch.
  • Make sure the net is 2 feet 6 inches above the ground.

Common Mistakes

I tried to explain the steps easily. So try to avoid doing following common mistakes:

  • Incorrect net height
  • There is no proper tension in the net
  • Net having sagging
  • Incorrect post installment
  • Inadequate net anchoring
  • Center of the net with no marking
  • Incorrect dimensions of the net
  • Net with poor material
  • Not checking the net regularly

Net Width in Doubles vs Singles

Net width in singles badminton and doubles badminton is not the same. There is a slight difference. The net of singles badminton is narrower than the other one. The size of singles badminton is 17 feet while doubles badminton is 20 feet as I already mentioned. When playing four players, it’s more challenging not due to more width but due to more players. 

Buying a Badminton Net

When you are going to buy a badminton net, consider the following factors:

  1. Decide what type of play, you are buying, casual or competitive
  2. Check the height and width of the net
  3. Make sure the net is made with nylon and polyethylene
  4. A portable net is a good option for playing at different locations
  5. Check the net tension
  6. Research brands and read reviews before buying
  7. Determine your budget and look for a net that fits it
  8. If net with a warranty is available. Select it.
  9. If you are buying online check product reviews, ratings, and videos and you can check reviews on YouTube as well.
  10. Check what’s included in the net.

DIY Net Making

First of all, you need the following material to create a DIY badminton net at home:

  • Nylon, polyethylene, or similar material
  • PVC pipes, metal pipes, or other such material
  • Measuring tape and ruler
  • Ropes
  • Scissor

Decide whether you’re making a net for singles or doubles. Cut netting material according to it. Fold and sew the edges of the netting to prevent frying. Tie the top net with supports or posts at the correct height. Now attach sides of the net with posts. Test and enjoy.


1-How wide is a badminton net in cm?

The width of the badminton net in centimeters is 610 cm.

2-How wide is a badminton net in inches?

The width of the badminton net in inches is 240 inches.

3-How wide is a badminton net in meters?

In meters. the width of a standard badminton net is 6.1 meters.

4-What is the dimension of the badminton net?

The width of the badminton net is 20 feet and the height is 5 feet 1 inch.

5-How many holes are there in the badminton net?

There can be 5063 holes in the badminton net but it is not an exact figure and can vary.


The width of the net for singles is 17 feet and for doubles is 20 feet. Follow the above-given steps while setting the net to avoid any mistakes as mentioned earlier. While buying a new net make sure you are buying the perfect net at a reasonable price. You can also make a net at home. It will be good fun as well.  You can also read about the height of the net and other useful information about it in my other blog. 

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