How Tall Is a Badminton Net? (BWF Guide)

height of badminton net

Badminton Drawings & Net Dimensions

How Tall Is a Badminton Net? With the advancement of measurement tools, people also want accurate measurements. Why not? Its benefits are numerous. When it comes to the game especially badminton, accuracy matters. So what is the height of a badminton net and how anyone can measure it accurately? let’s know the answer from that one who has a big name in the badminton field. Yes, I’m talking about the Badminton World Federation (BWF). I’ve also mentioned height in meters, inches, and centimeters in the FAQs section. Let’s begin.

The Standard Height of a Badminton Net

The Specific Height of a Badminton Net in Feet and Inches (5 feet 1 inch)

height of badminton net

5 feet 1 inch should be the height of the badminton net as Badminton World Federation (BWF) said in 1934. Measure this height from the ground to the top of the net.  

I think it’s worth mentioning “What is meant to be the height of a badminton net?”. Actually mention height is the height of net posts or sticks for both singles and doubles. But the case is not simple, when they are installed height can be different. So after installation, the height should be the same as mentioned i.e. 5 feet 1 inch. 

To Measure The Height Follow These Steps:

  • Measure the height of net posts using tap measure.
  • Install them at the proper distance as I’ll mention it later.
  • Be sure nets are perfectly vertical.
  • Use a level for this purpose. 
  • Attach the badminton net to net posts.
  • Adjust the tension and measure height again.
  • The Centre should be a height of 5 feet 1.5 inches and the edges should should be 5 feet 1 inch.

Mention That the Net Is Slightly Higher at The Center


While the standard height is 5 feet 1 inch, the net is slightly higher at the center, 5 feet 1.5 inches. According to experts, the standard height of the badminton net is important for maintaining the integrity of the game. Keeping the net at the same height ensures that all players face an equal challenge, regardless of their position on the court. Additionally, the slight increase in the net’s height at the center ensures that players have to be more precise in their shots.

Key Dimensions of A Badminton Net

width of badminton net

Width of The Net (20 Feet)

According to the BWF’s official rules and regulations, the net must be 20 feet wide. This regulation has existed since 1934 and is strictly enforced in all sanctioned tournaments. This regulation is important because it ensures that players have an equal amount of space to move around on the court and it helps to maintain the integrity of the game. Additionally, this regulation helps to keep the game fair by preventing players from taking advantage of larger courts. This measurement is vital because it defines the boundary of the court.

Mesh Size and Material Used in the Net

mesh of badminton net

Badminton nets feature a mesh with a square pattern. According to the Badminton World Federation (BWF), The mesh must be square patterned with squares no larger than 3/4 inch (20 mm). This specific mesh size allows the shuttlecock to pass through without getting caught. The material used for the net is commonly nylon or other synthetic materials, known for their durability and weather resistance.

Service Lines (6 Feet 6 Inches from the Net)

service lines  badminton

According to The Badminton World Federation (BWF), the service lines must be 6 feet 6 inches from the net. These lines delineate the area where the shuttlecock must be served during a game, ensuring that it’s launched from the correct position.

Consequences of Not Following The Specified Net Height

Deviation from the specified net height can lead to significant consequences in a badminton match. Players may incur penalties or even forfeit a game if the net height is not maintained, underlining the significance of adhering to the rules. For example, in the 2019 Badminton World Championships, a player was disqualified for not adhering to the net height regulations. This illustrates the importance of following the rules and regulations set by the BWF in order to maintain fair play.

Providing Tips for Properly Setting Up a Badminton Net

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable badminton game, consider the following tips:

  • – Use a level to confirm the net’s height.
  • – Ensure that the vertical posts are securely anchored.
  • – Keep the net stretched taut for fair play.

Links To Official Resources

For a comprehensive understanding of badminton rules and regulations, check the official Pdf by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) website. It offers invaluable resources for players, coaches, and enthusiasts.

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How Tall Is a Badminton Net in Meters?

The standard height of a badminton net is 1.55 meters (or approximately 155 centimeters) when measured from the ground to the top of the net. This height is consistent with international standards to ensure uniformity in the game.

How Tall Is a Badminton Net in Inches?

The height of a badminton net is 61 inches. This measurement is precise and plays a crucial role in maintaining fairness and consistency in badminton games.

What Is the Badminton Net Height in Centimeters?

The badminton net height is 155 centimeters. This specific measurement is essential for international and competitive play, where consistency in equipment is paramount.


In the dynamic world of badminton, precision is key. Understanding the exact height of a badminton net, its dimensions, and the rules that govern it is essential for both casual players and serious competitors. The net’s height is a fundamental element that sets the stage for a challenging and exhilarating game, and it’s crucial to maintain it within the specified parameters.

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