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Abdullah Faraz

Hi there, I’m Abdullah Faraz, a passionate writer with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language. My love for writing during my studies has evolved into blogging.  After completing my graduation, I was looking for a job. Meanwhile, I thought, why do I not make my passion for writing a profession? I already have a good knowledge of off-page SEO. But I was unfamiliar with blogging.  I even need to learn about the domain, hosting, and WordPress website. But I had made a firm decision.

I learned and developed a WordPress website within a week. I know how to write well, but the idea of SEO content has yet to come to mind. Likewise, I spent a week learning content SEO, other essential factors, and Google’s guidelines.

 I wrote a blog daily, but my content needed to be reaching the audience. So I had to learn SEO, which I learned in a week, and did SEO best practices on my website. Now, its health score is 100/100, according to Ahrefs.

At Aquarius Mediaa, I publish content covering various topics from health, business technology, and Home Improvement to sports and Self-improvement. I write content for my readers that they love to read. I follow Google guidelines for content. Easy to understand, well-researched, and comprehensive content I deliver. At the end of this page, I’m sharing the checklist I follow while writing blog posts.

I also invite fellow writers to contribute as guest post submissions. Check out the submission guidelines if you have a compelling story to share.

I spend five to eight hours writing a blog post. So remember to share and follow me on social media platforms. Thanks for reading and for stopping by!

For more! Let’s connect and explore the world of words together.

Abdullah Faraz, Cofounder and Author
Aquarius Mediaa

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Unique Content Writing & Blog SEO Checklist

  1. Keyword Research (Semrush, Moz, Keyword Explorer
  2. Use the Semrush Content Template
  3. Make an Attractive Title using solid words
  4. Title length up to 580 PX
  5. Make Outlines using relative keywords
  6. Meta Description (980 PX)
  7. Use of keywords in the title, into, H1, H3, and where possible
  8. Make bullet list
  9. Insert Internal Links
  10. Insert External links
  11. Include research, stats, Quotes
  12. Add self-designed images
  13. Add infographics
  14. Add hierarchy structure H1 to H5
  15. Words 800 to 1200
  16. Get Semrush SEO writing Assist
  17. Make short, comprehensive Slug (use permalinks)
  18. Share on Social Media
  19. Get Backlinks using the Broken link technique
  20. Update with the time

Google Guidelines for Unique Content

  1. E-E-A-T
  2. Y-M-Y-L
  3. original information, reporting, research, or analysis
  4. comprehensive description of the topic
  5. Insightful analysis that is beyond the obvious
  6. Do People want to share it?
  7. substantial value when compared to other pages
  8. No spelling or stylistic issues
  9. Content that people trust it
  10. clear sourcing, evidence of the expertise involved
  11. background about the author or the site that publishes it
  12. Provide a great page experience
  13. After reading, are people achieving goals?
  14. Not summarize others’ content without adding much value.
  15. Not change the date of pages to make them seem fresh
  16. Ask “Who, How, and Why” about your content
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